Adult Children of Distressed Parents Psychotherapy Groups

You may be aware that there were emotional problems in your family when you were growing up. However, you may not appreciate the ways in which these problems continue to affect you, even as an adult. Your emotional and psychological wellbeing, your work, and your present and future relationships may be affected by having grown up in a home where parental distress was a significant problem. This group is designed to provide a supportive environment to explore the specific ways that distress in your family continues to influence your life.

Time-limited (12 session) psychotherapy process group for adults who grew up in distressed families where parents had emotional or substance abuse issues.


Every other Wednesday from 6:00pm – 7:30pm beginning 11/05/14.

Office of Dr. Nathaniel Mills
2830 I St., Suite 103
Sacramento, CA 95816

Cost & Registration:
$50 per session.
Contact Dr. Nathaniel Mills via phone at 916-722-7792 for more information.

Link to Flyer:
ACoDP Group Announcement Flyer