Dating Support Group

Reintegration into the dating world after a recent breakup can be difficult.  Whether you are newly divorced or fresh out of a dating relationship, finding your footing in the bizarre world of dating can be challenging. Luckily, you do not have to be alone in this struggle.  As a licensed psychologist and relationship therapist in Sacramento, I run a dating support group for newly single people struggling with dating and relationships. This group meets weekly in two sections (one men’s group and one women’s group) to process dating/relationship issues in a confidential, supportive group environment.

The dating support group typically addresses the following issues:

  • Getting Over Past Breakups: It is difficult to find new love when you haven’t gotten over the heartbreak of your last relationship.
  • Self Improvement: We all have baggage. Some of us even have luggage.  While we will never be completely free of our own issues, it is important to try to downsize our baggage to a manageable “carry-on” size.
  • Knowing Your Needs: You may feel ready to dust yourself off and try again, but unless you know what you are looking for in a partner, you will have trouble finding it and you may not know it when it comes around.
  • Reintegration and Readiness to Date: Only you will know when you are ready to start dating again.  Having a supportive environment for self-evaluation can help you better prepare to start a new journey.
  • Online Dating & Meeting New Partners: The rules of dating have changed significantly over the past 10 years. Online dating is far more common and the “bar scene” is not what it use to be. The group provides support to members trying to meet new people for dating and relationships.
  • Fun Date Ideas: Great dates rarely “just happen”. Choosing a place and an activity that is fun, memorable, and showcases each persons personality is key to a successful date.
  • Dating as a Parent: Children can make dating more complicated as we no longer have only ourselves to worry about.
  • Processing Dates: Sometimes it is important to have a safe, supportive environment to processes what went wrong and what went right during recent dates.
  • Transitioning Into Relationships: Most people date to find a long-term mate.  When is it time to make things more permanent?
To find out more about the dating support group, please call 916-722-7792.
Group Cost (per session): $40