Location of Psychologists in Sacramento, CA

Ever wonder where to find a psychologist in Sacramento, CA?  Well wonder no longer!  I have taken, from the California Board of Psychology’s (BOP) website,  the office addresses for every psychologist in Sacramento and created an interactive geotagged map!

Map of Psychologists in Sacramento

View Psychologists NorCal in a full screen map

Now, as you look at this map, you may notice that some locations in other states, and even a few listings in South America and Europe are displayed.  This is because some of the psychologists who practice in Sacramento have offices in other locations.  The office address listed for each of these psychologists is where the psychologist requested that mail from the BOP be sent.  I could have removed these addresses, but I think they serve to remind us that just because you are licensed in CA does not mean that you cannot have an international influence as a practicing psychologist!