Organizational Change Coaching

Every organization experiences change. Whether it is the growing pains of rolling out new technologies or the developmental challenges of paradigm shift, successful organizations embrace change as a function of growth. Through organizational change coaching, I help both business and non-profit organizations through the change process.

I believe that clarity is the key to success in organizational change coaching.  Having a clear vision of not only where you are, but where you want to be differentiates “stuck” organizations from sustainable organizations. The four key principles of my work as an orgnaizational coach are: Needs Analysis, Action Planning, Leadership Coaching, and Change Execution.


Stages of Organizational Change Coaching

Needs Analysis:
In Needs Analysis, I help organizations identify their growth areas. Clarifying both where we are and where we want to be is the primary goal at this point.  During this stage, I walk leadership through the process of objectively evaluating both the organizations strengths and weaknesses.  This stage often involves dream-storming about what the organization could be if all its potential is realized.
Action Planning:
Once a clear vision is established of where the organization needs to be, a game plan has to be established. Action planning involves outlining all of the steps necessary to take the organization from its currently situation to the agreed upon destination. These steps almost always involve the feedback and buyin from members at every level of the organization.
Leadership Coaching:
Prior to executing a change plan, a system must be put in place to support every level of the organization through the change process. Leaders are provided support and guidance regarding championing change.
Change Execution:
When comprehensive needs analysis and action planning are done, change execution becomes easy. I have successfully helped small startups and large government agencies through the successful implementation of action plans. Feedback has unilaterally supported the benefit of continued leadership coaching in effectively executing sustainable change.